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Ever feel like your living room just doesn’t click? Maybe the furniture is too big or too small, or just doesn’t match your style. Our bespoke living room joiners in Ireland can change that.

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Custom Made Living Room furniture in Dublin

Imagine custom-made pieces designed specifically for your space and taste. Alcove units in those recessed nooks in your living room can be transformed. Picture a perfectly sized unit that houses your TV, games, and movies, all while looking stylish and organised.

Bespoke furniture isn’t limited to alcove units only. You can think of a coffee table built just for you, crafted from reclaimed wood for a rustic feel, or a sleek bookcase that seamlessly integrates into your wall, creating a cozy reading corner.

No more struggling with ill-fitting living room furniture. Our Bespoke tv units are guaranteed to fit perfectly, maximizing both aesthetics and storage solutions. Your living room will not only look stunning, but it will also function flawlessly.

Ready to create a living room you truly love?  We specialize in crafting exceptional bespoke furniture for living rooms.  We’ll work with you to design pieces that define your personal style, from sitting room furniture and coffee tables to bookcases and media consoles.



Design a living room that speaks volumes about you. Schedule a free consultation with Horizon Bespoke Joinery and bring your dream space to life.


Ian Andersons
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The alcove units from Custom Made surpassed my expectations in every way. From the durable materials to the classic design, everything is top-quality.
Greg Turner
Read More
I'm thoroughly satisfied from the team of horizon bespoke. The units are solid, the design is sleek, and the customer service was simply outstanding.
Ben White
Read More
The durability of these units is fantastic. They hold a significant amount of weight and still look as good as new.
Jenny Rodriguez
Read More
I was delighted with the finish options available. I managed to find the perfect match that compliments our home's aesthetic beautifully.
Robert Brown
Read More
Absolutely five stars for these alcove units! The craftsmanship is evident, and the fit and finish were handled flawlessly by the installation team.
Dave Wilson
Read More
The customer service at Horizon was exceptional. They truly listened to my needs and delivered units that feel like they were built with my house. I couldn't be more satisfied.

Modern & Traditional Custom Build Alcove Units

Ever feel like those alcoves in your home are just wasted space? We can turn them into show-stopping storage and display areas that define your style, no matter what it is.

Modern and Minimalist

Love a clean, clutter-free look? Our modern alcove units are all about sleek lines and hidden storage. Imagine built-in shelves that hug the wall, keeping things tidy. Want to add a modern touch? Skip the knobs and opt for handleless cabinets or doors that open with a gentle push. We have colors for every taste, from classic white and soft grays to bolder options like navy or forest green. Modern units work great in both new homes and homes with character, adding a touch of chic simplicity.

Traditional Charm

Craving something a bit more classic? Our traditional alcove units bring timeless elegance to your space. Think perfectly balanced units with details you’ll love, like shaker doors with fancy trim, brushed nickel or brass knobs, and decorative touches at the top. These units create a warm and inviting feel. Choose from light to medium greys, muted greens and blues, or classic white for a sophisticated look. Traditionally, these units are placed around a fireplace, artwork, or a big TV, making them a central feature of the room.

Irish coffee table

Irish Styles Bookcases & Coffee Tables

Let’s talk about bookcases and coffee tables. They are centerpieces of any comfy living room. But why settle for furniture that looks like it came straight out of a catalog when you can design something truly amazing?

We build bookcases and coffee tables that are custom-made just for you, redefining your style and fitting your home perfectly. Want a towering bookshelf to hold all your novels, or something sleek and modern? We do it all.

Think of your dream bookcase. Do you envision towering shelves overflowing with your favorite novels, or perhaps a more minimalist design with hidden compartments for treasured keepsakes? We can make it happen. We’ll use top-notch Irish craftsmanship and hardwoods like warm oak or cool walnut to bring your vision to life.

Now, let’s talk about coffee tables. Do you crave a rustic, chunky piece made from reclaimed wood, or maybe a sleek, modern table with a glass top and a hidden storage compartment for remotes and coasters?  We can create it all! We’ll work with you to design the perfect size and shape, ensuring it complements your existing furniture and creates a comfortable gathering spot.


Tired of wasted space in your Dublin living room? Let’s turn those alcoves into stunning bookcases with comfy built-in benches. We’re the Dublin bespoke experts, and here’s why custom-made is the way to go.

Off-the-shelf furniture rarely fits alcoves just right. We start with precise measurements, ensuring every inch is utilized. Think floor-to-ceiling bookcases that maximize storage without feeling bulky.

Next, design it your way. Imagine open shelves showcasing your favorite reads, or hidden compartments for a clean look. Built-in benches with plush cushions create a cozy reading nook. We work with you to design alcoves that reflect your style, be it modern and sleek or warm and traditional.

Media Units for Your Living Room

Let’s talk about living room entertainment. We all love movie nights and catching up on shows, but that tangled mess of wires and bulky consoles isn’t exactly doing your space any favors.  That’s where our bespoke media units come in our custom-built solutions to tame the tech and uplift your living room.

Think of a media unit as the ultimate butler for your entertainment system. You can imagine sleek, built-in cabinets that elegantly house your TV, gaming consoles, and all those remotes that seem to disappear into thin air. Still worried about wires? Don’t worry, our custom-built TV units can incorporate hidden channels to keep them out of sight, creating a clean and organised look.

But it’s not just about functionality, we can design a unit that complements your existing style. If you want a modern, minimalist masterpiece with smooth, handleless drawers? We can do that. Craving a touch of rustic charm with reclaimed wood and chunky knobs? No problem.

The beauty of bespoke is the customisation. We’ll work with you to design the perfect size and layout, ensuring everything has its designated spot.  Love displaying your movie collection? We can incorporate open shelving. Need hidden storage for games and controllers? We’ve got you covered.

media units for living room

Custom Built Bookshelves & Benches

Feeling like your living room needs a spark? Let’s skip the one-size-fits-all furniture and create a space that you feel truly special. Custom built bookshelves and benches are the design dream team you’ve been searching for. We are here to connect you with bespoke pieces that enrich your space.

We know what you are looking for. A towering display for your favorite reads, or sleek, modern designs with hidden compartments for your treasures. We use top-notch craftsmanship and gorgeous hardwoods to bring your idea to reality. Warm oak is better for a classic touch and cool walnut is a good choice for a modern vibe. So whatever your choice we can do it all.

Need extra seating that complements your style and space?  Custom benches are a perfect solution for this. You can think of a chunky, rustic piece made from reclaimed wood for a cozy place, or a sleek, modern option with hidden storage for games and throws.


The cost of bespoke furniture varies depending on the size, complexity, materials, and chosen finishes. It’s generally more expensive than mass-produced furniture, but the investment can be justified by the quality, longevity, and perfect fit.

The process typically involves:

Consultation: Discuss your needs, style preferences, and budget with a designer or craftsperson.

Design & Measurements: The professional will measure your space and create a design based on your specifications.

Material Selection: Choose from a variety of wood types, finishes, fabrics, and other materials.

Production: The furniture is crafted in a workshop according to the agreed-upon design.

Installation: A qualified installer will ensure the furniture is perfectly fitted and finished in your living room.

The lead time can vary depending on the complexity of the project, but typically takes 4-8 weeks from design approval to installation.

You can find bespoke furniture makers through online searches, recommendations from interior designers, or visiting showrooms of local craftspeople specializing in furniture making.