Bespoke Media and TV Units

Every good living room needs a TV, and picking the right one can make your dream living room come true. As Dublin’s renowned furniture experts, We focus on crafting bespoke media units that maximise space, incorporating shelves, cabinets and drawers to organise your media collection and declutter your living area.

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Hand Crafted TV And Media Units in Dublin

Imagine a TV unit that does more than just house your television think integrated storage solutions for your gadgets, books, and decor items, all while complementing the aesthetic of your room. Whether you’re catching up on the latest series or relaxing with a movie, Our media units are both comfortable and useful in a way that works together perfectly.

Looking to make your home more stylish and functional? Our TV units are made to fit your style and needs. Get inspired by the designs we have here or contact us to create your own custom TV unit. Whether you’re looking to refresh your space with a few new pieces or completely redesign your home, we’re here to help you every step of the way.


Tired of boring, store-bought media units that don't fit your space or style?

Schedule a FREE consultation today and explore the possibilities of bespoke media furniture. Our design experts will help you create a unit that’s as unique as you are.


Lily A
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Absolutely love the new media unit from Horizon! It organizes all our gadgets and cables without compromising on style. The quality is outstanding, and it's exactly what our home needed
Luke K
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Horizon made the installation of our new TV unit completely stress-free. The unit itself is perfect in every way exactly what we wanted for our home
Mia L
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Our new TV unit has been a hit with everyone who sees it. It’s stylish, functional, and crafted to perfection. Horizon Bespoke Joinery has truly exceeded our expectations.
Harry M
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The whole experience with Horizon Bespoke Joinery was outstanding. From design to installation, everything was flawless. We're in love with our new media unit!
Charlotte N
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was initially nervous about ordering a custom piece online, but Horizon Bespoke Joinery made the process easy and reassuring. The finished media unit is absolutely perfect in every detail.
Oliver W
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I am thoroughly impressed by the craftsmanship of our new TV unit. The wood is top-quality, and the finish is flawless. It's a solid, beautiful piece of furniture that adds a touch of sophistication to our home.

Irish Style Alcove TV Units

Not every room is blessed with a perfectly symmetrical layout for a TV unit in Ireland.  Those alcoves that seem like a dream spot can turn tricky with slanted walls, oddly sized windows, or just an off-center layout. But dont worry. The beauty of Irish alcove TV units is that they can be custom-made to fit any imperfection, turning it into a design feature.

Since our TVs are often the focal point of the living room, let’s elevate them beyond just a screen on a stand and create a stylish and cohesive space:

One of the hottest trends right now is a deep blue feature wall. This creates a contemporary and sophisticated backdrop for your TV unit.

You can incorporate bookcases around your TV unit for a touch of classic elegance. This blends modern functionality with a timeless library feel.

Don’t be afraid to paint the backboard of your unit a different color than the rest. This unexpected pop can help the TV integrate seamlessly into the room, preventing it from dominating the space.

Hanging artwork around your TV unit is a simple yet creative way to personalise your space. It draws the eye beyond the screen and adds a unique touch that reflects your style.  

Irish Style Alcove TV Units
TV Units for Sitting Room

TV Units for Sitting Room

Small sitting rooms can be tricky to decorate, but don’t worry finding the right TV unit for a sitting room can make a big difference. Here’s how to choose the perfect one for your cozy space.

Small rooms don’t have enough space that’s why a good TV unit with plenty of storage is your best friend. Look for shelves, cabinets, or drawers to keep movies, games, and anything else you don’t need on display tucked away neatly.

Just like furniture, a light-colored TV unit can make your sitting room feel bigger and brighter. White, cream, or light wood tones are all great options. If you love dark colors, they can work too, but choose a unit with a sleek, modern design to avoid making the space feel cramped.

Don’t forget about the height. A lower TV unit can help make the room feel more open. Plus, it creates a better viewing experience for movie nights.


We all love our living room. It’s our place to relax as a family, share memories and of course cosy up in front of the TV after a hard days work. So why not make it a focal point or statement piece?

Clever design should always maximise the functionality of whatever space it inhabits. TV and media units don’t just look nice, they can be a fantastic way to add additional storage into your space in the form of closed shelving and bespoke units. They’re a brilliant solution to any storage issues, allowing you to store any game consoles, DVDs, board games or other items that you use in the living room but want out of the way.

Alternatively, with open shelving it’s a great way to display your favourite ornaments with pride right by the centrepiece to your room. With our bespoke designs it’s even possible for us to create shelving to the measurements of your ornament allowing them to sit pride of place in your lounge.

Bedroom TV and Media Units

Ever wished your bedroom could be both a cozy retreat and an entertainment place? You won’t be disappointed with bedroom TV and media units. These furniture pieces combine style and function, giving you the best of both worlds.

Picture this:  A sleek unit hugs the wall, perfectly sized for your TV at eye level. On either side, instead of open shelves, you’ve got custom wardrobes, keeping clothes, bedding, and anything else neatly tucked away. No more messy nightstands or overflowing drawers.

Many media units come with open shelves on the sides. In your bedroom, these can be easily replaced with stylish wardrobe doors, creating a clean and organised look.  Behind those doors, shelves, drawers, and hanging rails keep everything in its place.

But wait, there’s more, Many designs include a central dresser unit, perfect for displaying favorite items or storing everyday essentials. Consider a smart TV mounted right above the dresser, with all the wires hidden behind the unit for a clean look.

You can personalise your unit. Whether you prefer a minimalist vibe with plain, handle less doors, a classic touch with shaker styles, or a bold statement with custom-designed doors, there’s a unit to match your taste.

For smaller bedrooms, consider mirrored doors. The mirrors not only make the room feel bigger by reflecting light but also add a modern touch.

Bedroom TV and Media Units
Built in TV Units For Dublin Homes

Built in TV Units For Dublin Homes

Your TV room is a space to relax and recharge, so why not enhance it with a built-in TV unit that displays your personal style? Here at Horizon Bespoke Joinery, we have a passion for creating custom built-in furniture that transforms your Dublin home into a space you love. With our bespoke television units, you can display more than just your favorite show or movie. Open shelving gives you the perfect platform to exhibit your passions, whether it’s family photos, artwork, or your prized collection.

To add a touch of modern elegance, we can even integrate LED lights to illuminate your cherished items. This subtle lighting effect will create a cozy ambience in the room, highlighting your displays when you dim the lights.

One of our most popular fitted unit designs takes advantage of those often overlooked alcoves, especially those found next to fireplaces. By crafting custom-made storage for these recesses, we can create a functional and beautiful feature that not only houses your TV but also provides additional storage space.

We truly believe that decorating your living space should be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience, regardless of its size. Having a designated place for your treasured items will not only bring a sense of order but also a sense of happiness and contentment. 


The cost depends on various factors, including size, complexity of design, chosen materials, and any additional features.  Reputable bespoke furniture makers will provide a free consultation and quote after discussing your requirements.

A wide range of materials are used, including:Solid wood (oak, walnut, maple) for a timeless, classic look.
Wood veneer for a luxurious feel at a more affordable price point.
Engineered wood for a durable and versatile option.
Glass and metal for a contemporary aesthetic.
High-quality laminates for a budget-friendly yet stylish choice.

The lead time depends on the complexity of the design and the chosen materials.  Generally, it takes 4-6 weeks for the design, build, and installation process.

Typically, reputable bespoke furniture makers will include professional installation in their service, ensuring the unit is perfectly fitted and secured.