Bespoke Timber Moulding Ireland

Ever wished your mouldings were as unique as your home? That’s where Horizon Bespoke Joinery come in, and we are the Irish experts in crafting timber Mouldings. Whether you’re a contractor, architect, or homeowner with a unique vision, we’re here to turn it into reality.

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Custom Made Timber Mouldings in Dublin

We cover a massive collection of standard and classic design profiles that are specially based for Dublin and across Ireland, encompassing everything from classic heritage styles to sleek, modern designs. Also, our expertise lies in crafting custom-made mouldings that are one-of-a-kind pieces carefully tailored to your exact preferences.

Do you have a particular design idea for your woodworking project? Whether you want to restore your kitchen with your unique moulding style or give a modern touch to your new build, we have the expertise to work with any type of wood and can precisely replicate existing designs or collaborate with you to create a completely customized design from scratch.

We understand that every project is different, and our experienced production team is always happy to discuss your specific requirements. Just get in touch, and we’ll guide you through the process, ensuring your vision becomes a beautiful reality.



Crafted with heritage, made for you. Our bespoke timber mouldings elevate your space with a touch of Irish tradition.


Sarah Thompson
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We were restoring a Georgian townhouse and wanted to maintain the original aesthetic. Horizon Bespoke Joinery was an absolute dream to work with. They meticulously recreated the existing architraves and skirting boards, ensuring a seamless match. The mouldings themselves are beautifully crafted. Now our home feels true to its heritage with a touch of modern elegance.
Emily Jones
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We were opening a new boutique hotel in Dublin and wanted the mouldings. The team of Horizon provided expert advice on design and different types of mouldings. We ended up choosing a combination of crown moulding and dado rails that perfectly complemented the high ceilings and spacious rooms. The craftsmanship is outstanding, and the mouldings have truly elevated the overall look and feel of the hotel.
David Clarke
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We were renovating our office and wanted a modern, clean-lined aesthetic. We struggled to find pre-made mouldings that fit the design vision. But the Horizon team designed and created custom mouldings that perfectly matched our specifications. The installation process was smooth and efficient, and the finished product looked fantastic.
Emma Walker
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Our kitchen desperately needed an upgrade, but we weren't ready for a full rip-out and remodel. But the team suggested replacing the dated crown moulding with a sleeker profile. It might seem like a small change, but it completely transformed the space. The new moulding feels lighter and more modern, and it makes the whole kitchen look brighter and more inviting. We're so impressed with the impact and considering adding a new dado rail next.
Michael O'Brien
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We weren't sure where to begin with adding mouldings to our new home. But after meeting with the team of Horizon. Their designer helped us choose the perfect styles for each room, considering the architectural details and our overall design goals. The quote was reasonable, and the project stayed within budget. The installation team was professional and left the place spotless when they finished. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.
Liam O'Connor
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Sure, pre-made mouldings might be cheaper, but they can look cheap too. We opted for Horizon Bespoke Joinery's service for our living room, and the difference is undeniable. The custom-designed cornice moulding elevates the entire space. It's a real conversation starter whenever we have guests over. Yes, it was an investment, but it's definitely one that will pay off for years to come.

Best Selection of Timber Mouldings Wood Materials

When it comes to crafting exquisite interiors, the details matter. We understand the transformative when it comes to the process of timber moulding. That’s why we offer the industry’s finest selection of wood materials, ensuring you can find the perfect match for your vision.

We source high-grade timber from around the world, catering to both your aesthetic and functional needs. If you want the classic beauty of hardwood floors, such as oak, walnut, or mahogany, or the affordability and versatility of softwoods like pine or spruce, we have it all. Each wood type exhibits unique characteristics in terms of grain pattern, color, and durability. Our expert team is here to guide you through the selection process, considering factors like the style of your project, desired finish, and even the existing woodwork in your space.

But our commitment goes beyond just variety. We ensure all our timber is responsibly sourced and expertly prepared. This means you can be confident that your chosen mouldings will not only uplift your space but will also stand the test of time.

So, if you’re searching for the best selection of timber mouldings and the perfect wood materials to bring your design dreams to life, look no further. Visit us today and explore the possibilities.

best selection woods

Irish Kitchen Timber Moulding Styles That We Offer

We’re passionate about improving Irish kitchens with bespoke timber mouldings. We understand the unique charm and character of Irish kitchens, and we offer a curated selection of styles to perfectly complement your space.

Crown Moulding: Crown moulding graces the ceiling junction and enhances the formality of your kitchen.

Light Rail Moulding: For a refined touch, consider light rail moulding. This horizontal beauty creates a visual separation between upper and lower cabinets or simply adds a decorative flourish.

Panel Moulding: Panel moulding creates raised squares or rectangles, giving your kitchen more character.

Baseboard Moulding: Baseboard moulding seamlessly covers the gap between the wall and floor while protecting the wall from everyday wear and tear.

Corbels: Enhance your kitchen’s functionality and style with corbels. These are supportive brackets that can be placed under shelves or countertops, adding a timeless touch.

Beadboard: These are thin wooden boards with a bumpy surface that are great for wall panels or backsplashes, making your kitchen feel warm and cozy.


We can produce bespoke timber mouldings to your own design, to match original or traditional styles like architectural designs. These can be made into lengths of up to 17 foot and we can create multi-part pieces that are used to make mouldings of any height.

We can produce: Skirting boards, Architraves, Dado rails, Picture rails, Cornices, Beads, Panel moulds and Handrails.

All our mouldings can be finished in prime only, to match your desired paint or stain choice. Our cutters get custom-made especially for your project if you designed your own profile.

Custom Style Timber Mouldings for Living Room & Staircases

Feeling like your living room and staircase lack personality? Custom timber mouldings are the design magic you’ve been missing! We’ll help you craft handcrafted details that elevate your entire space.

Skirting Boards (Baseboards): We can create beautiful mouldings that perfectly complement your style, whether it’s a classic look or a sleek, modern vibe. They’ll not only protect your walls but also elegantly tie together your flooring and wall finishes.

Dado Rails: Ever feel your walls are a bit too plain? Dado rails, installed midway up the wall, visually break up the space and add sophistication. Ideal for traditional, transitional, or some modern styles, they create a layered look that’s both inviting and stylish.

Picture Rails: Picture rails, installed near the ceiling, create a framed section on the wall ideal for showcasing your artwork or creating a stunning gallery wall.

Handrails: Safety meets style with our handcrafted handrails. We offer a variety of timber species, designs, and finishes to ensure your staircase not only provides secure navigation but also becomes a captivating focal point.

custom timber mouldings

Custom Sizing and Length for the Timber Mouldings

Most moulding profiles, like crown moulding or chair rails, come in set sizes. But don’t worry our experienced joiners can often modify these profiles to your exact specifications, within certain limits. With this option, you can create a living room design that is one-of-a-kind and perfectly fits your own style.

Discussing your requirements with us beforehand ensures they can meet your needs. We consider factors like the moulding profile, desired dimensions, and any potential limitations.

After the discussion, the final dimensions will ultimately depend on how you plan to use the mouldings in your living room. For example, crown moulding needs to be the total length of each wall it adorns. Similarly, baseboard moulding should be long enough to cover the entire room’s perimeter.


Horizon Bespoke Joinery can produce a variety of mouldings, including skirting boards, architraves, dado rails, picture rails, cornices, beads, panel moulds, handrails and many more.

Horizon Bespoke Joinery can produce mouldings up to 17 feet long. They can also create multi-part pieces to create mouldings of any height.

All mouldings can be finished in prime only, allowing you to paint or stain them to match your desired color scheme.

Yes, Horizon Bespoke Joinery offers free site visits to advise on design, installation, and other aspects of your project.