Bespoke Bedroom Furniture

Crafting a bespoke bedroom begins with understanding your desires and envisioning the potential of your space. Our bedroom furniture joiners in Ireland guide you through the process, making sure your furniture matches your style and personality.

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Custom Made Bedroom Furnitures in Dublin

Picture yourself entering your sleeping space, a personal retreat crafted to match your one-of-a-kind preferences. Do you dream of a cozy place that wraps you in warmth and relaxation? Or perhaps you aspire to build an elegant retreat that is filled with luxury and simplicity? By customising every detail, from wardrobes to beds and bedside tables, we help you achieve that vision.

Consider the space you have and the mood you wish to create. Our design process starts with understanding your choices and converting them into reality. Whether you desire a blend of modern and traditional elements or a specific theme, we can advise on styles, wooden materials, and finishes to bring your ideas to life.

Located in Dublin, our joiners are dedicated to creating bedroom furniture that exceeds expectations. We invite you to start on a collaborative journey, where your imagination takes center stage, and we bring your vision for the best bedroom to reality. Let’s create a space that welcomes your home and makes every morning a delightful beginning.


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Horizon Bespoke Joinery elevates your sleep space with handcrafted furniture solutions. Schedule a free consultation and design your dream bedroom today!


Isabella Martinez
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Impressed with their timely delivery and the quality of the work. Horizon Bespoke Joinery managed to meet our tight deadline without compromising on the quality of the bedroom set
Ava Harper:
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I adore my new bedroom! It's been transformed into a personal sanctuary, thanks to Horizon's bespoke designs. The space feels uniquely mine now
Noah Peterson
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I love how Horizon Bespoke Joinery pays attention to the smallest details. Our new bedroom joinery is flawless and has completely transformed our space
William Bailey
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The level of detail and customer service provided by Horizon was phenomenal. They were attentive throughout the process and ensured everything was perfect.
Henry Thompson
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The entire process, from the initial design consultation to the final installation, was impressively smooth. Our bedroom now feels like a luxury retreat thanks to their exquisite workmanship
Evelyn Stewart
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The team really went the extra mile with our bedroom project. The furniture is not only beautiful but also practical, fitting our needs perfectly

Hand Crafted Fitted Bedroom Furniture

Thinking about custom-made fitted bedroom furniture, especially wardrobes? It’s a fantastic way to get precisely what you want. First, let’s take a look at how much stuff you have and plan the perfect amount of storage space in your new furniture. Then if you ever imagined having a TV built right into your wardrobe? so we can make this happen for you. Finally, you can get to pick the colors and styles you love to make the furniture totally your own.

Sure, it might seem like a lot at first, but designing your dream bedroom furniture is actually a fun and creative process. There are always new design ideas out there, and you can create something one-of-a-kind. We’ll be with you every step of the way to make it easy and enjoyable. Together, we’ll create a bedroom that matches your style, and you’ll have a place for everything.

hand craft bedroom furniture
custom made wardrobes

Custom Made Wardrobes for the Bedroom

When it comes to designing the bedroom of your dreams, Custom-made wardrobes are really important. They are not only useful, but they can also be really stylish. We know that your bedroom should feel like it’s truly yours, and our bespoke wardrobes are designed to make your bedroom stylish and functional.

Not every home enjoys the luxury of a walk-in wardrobe, but that doesn’t mean you should compromise on impact. With some careful planning, your ordinary bedroom wardrobe can turn into the highlight of your room, not only providing necessary storage but also adding a special, charming touch.

The beauty of armoires lies not only in their visual appeal but also in their versatility. As freestanding pieces, they can be moved around your room or even to another bedroom, offering a sense of novelty and flexibility. For a more permanent solution, our built-in wardrobes provide a seamless, integrated look that maximizes storage potential. Standard hinged doors can be customised with sections to ensure practical access, and you have the option to include mirrors or glass fronts for a distinctive touch.

Space considerations are important, and we offer sliding wardrobe doors that save space and are perfect for smaller rooms, as their mechanism doesn’t require a swing room. Alternatively, our folding wardrobe doors provide an elegant solution, adding authenticity and style while being practical for both compact and spacious bedrooms.

Let us help you design a wardrobe that reflects your style and suits your space and storage needs. We can make that happen by working together to design furniture that looks astonishing and fits all your stuff perfectly.


Transform your bedroom into a handcrafted oasis, with beautiful bespoke furniture from Horizon Bespoke Joinery. Specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of custom-built bespoke bedroom furniture, we work with you to bring your dream to life, creating the perfect space to rest and relax.

From bespoke fitted wardrobes to exquisite timber bed frames, dressing tables and headboards, we’ll tailor the design to maximise your bedroom space whilst meeting all your storage needs, creating your ultimate sanctuary from a busy world.

Bespoke Furniture Storage Solutions Made for You

To make your bedroom feel like a peaceful and well-organized retreat, the first step is to increase the amount of storage space you have. Bespoke furniture allows you to tailor solutions to your exact needs, whether you crave extra space for clothes, books, or cherished keepsakes.

We understand that visualizing custom furniture can be tricky. We collaborate with you to understand your storage needs in detail whether you are based in Dublin or across Ireland. We’ll help you determine the perfect location for your piece, ensuring its size and design effortlessly incorporate with your space.

To truly envision your dream furniture, consider collaborating with our designers on a 3D mockup. This allows you to see how the chosen design and dimensions will function within your bedroom, making sure your new storage solutions work for you and how you like to keep your items

bedroom styles

Styles for Bedroom Furniture That We Offer

Staying on top of trends is an exciting way to draw inspiration and come up with a look that is all your own, one that shows off who you are and what you like. We keep a close eye on emerging trends, allowing us to offer you a range of bedroom furniture styles that are not only popular but also adaptable to your personal touch.

One trend that has stuck around and continues to evolve is Mid-century Modern. This style is characterized by sharp, angular shapes and long legs, panels, and elongated bodies. The functionality and aesthetics of this style are beautifully balanced. When pairing furniture in this style, it’s best to avoid clutter and introduce pops of color through prints or paintings.

For a more optimised and spacious look, Minimalism takes a similar approach, focusing on keeping the space free of clutter. The color scheme is often monochromatic or very simple, with sleek surfaces reflecting light. Minimalist wardrobes often feature sliding doors, and the bed may be elevated, bringing a sense of airiness to the room.

If you’re drawn to a cozy and welcoming vibe, the Scandinavian style might be for you. This look heavily features whites but also incorporates thoughtful details to create a warm atmosphere. Throws, carpets, wall art, and lamps are carefully curated to add curiosity and a homey feel. You can include live plants are also a signature touch, reflecting the Scandinavian love for nature and sustainability.

We understand that choosing a style for your bedroom furniture is a personal decision, and we’re here to help you bring your vision to life. Whether you’re inspired by these trends or have a distinctive manner in mind, our team can guide you in creating a space that you’ll adore.


There are several advantages to choosing bespoke furniture:

Perfect fit: No more struggling to fit standard furniture into awkward spaces. Bespoke furniture maximizes your available space and creates a seamless look.

Personalized design: Reflect your unique style with custom finishes, colors, and details.

Optimized storage: Design storage solutions that perfectly suit your belongings, eliminating clutter and maximizing functionality.

High quality: Bespoke furniture is often crafted using higher quality materials and construction methods, ensuring durability and lasting value.

Bespoke furniture can be more expensive than mass-produced options, but the cost depends on the size, complexity of the design, and materials chosen. However, the increased functionality, quality, and perfect fit can be a worthwhile investment.

The process typically involves:

Consultation: Discuss your needs, preferences, and budget with a designer or furniture maker.

Design and planning: Collaborate on a design that meets your requirements and reflects your style.

Material selection: Choose the materials, colors, and finishes for your furniture.

Manufacturing: Your furniture is expertly crafted based on the agreed design.

Installation: A qualified professional will install your bespoke furniture.

The timeframe can vary depending on the complexity of the design and the workload of the furniture maker.  It typically takes 3-8 weeks for manufacturing, with additional time for consultation and installation.